If your rain gutters are clogged, loose, or leaking, they will eventually pose very serious and very expensive problems because they will not perform the job for which they were installed which is channeling water away from your roof and the foundation.  A relatively inexpensive gutter repair job to the gutters could save thousands of dollars in repairs to other parts of your home later. Avoiding proper gutter maintenance and cleaning, gutters will allow water to collect, overflow, and cause the fascia board and soffit to rot over time, and if water is not properly drained away it can continue to collect on the roof, causing damage over time.

If water is not directed away from your home it will pool at the foundation and cause a wet basement through water seepage and/or erosion of the soil designed to keep water away from the home. Also, clogged or leaking downspouts that do not sufficiently channel water away from the foundation will also contribute to this problem. This situation if allowed to exist over time can also become a health hazard by facilitating a perfect environment for the growth of mold which can penetrate through the attic, ceiling drywall and/or basement as a result of moisture collecting, all as a result of defective rain gutters. Where water is pooling outside it can attract mosquitoes around the house. And the clogged gutters themselves provide a perfect breeding ground for the mosquitoes. Standing water can be a serious health hazard.

Gutters that are not properly maintained can be seriously damaging your biggest investment-your home, and more importantly, your health. Repairing your gutters/gutter repair is a wise investment to say the least.



Older gutters are installed with spikes that run through tubes inside the gutter called ferrules. If your gutters are installed in this fashion you can see the head of the spikes on the outside of the gutter. Over time the weight of snow, ice, wet leaves and other debris left to gather in the gutters will put excessive strain on the spikes and pull them loose. Water can now overflow front and back of gutter and cause wood rot on fascia and soffit. You can easily see this problem when the heads of the spikes protrude from the gutter. This is an early warning that bigger trouble is on the way. Simply having newer style inside hidden hangers with stainless steel screws instead of spikes will reinforce the gutters and keep them tight against the fascia boards. These screws are much less likely to ever pull loose.

Where gutters have pulled loose they will begin to sag and cause low spots in the drainage system. The sections need to be raised so that they have the proper pitch for water to be able to flow toward the downspouts. And don’t forget the downspouts. If downspouts get clogged as the often do when gutters are not maintained, water will simply back up into the gutters even if the gutters themselves are clean.

If gutters are not the seamless type, leaks will occur at the seams. Even seamless gutters need to be seamed at the preformed inside and outside corner pieces. These seams need to be sealed.


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In many instances gutters can be repaired rather than replaced. A gutter tune-up can be much more cost effective if done by professional gutter installer. The gutter repair/tune-up should consist of reinforcement, re-sealing and realignment. If you are opting for repair, be sure to get a written guarantee from the company doing the work.  Proper gutter repair should last a lifetime. And unless there are cosmetic reasons or damage beyond the scope of repair a proper tune-up is a good option.

That’s it for this article. More about Gutter Repair coming soon.



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